An MOT inspection checks the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and underneath the car and it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that you car has an MOT every 12 months. Without a valid MOT certificate, your vehicle is considered unroadworthy, you cannot licence your vehicle for use on public roads and any motor insurance you have may be invalid. More importantly if you plan to use your vehicle on the road, you are breaking the law, and if caught will be prosecuted and risk a hefty fine. 
At Wiltown Garage, we believe in giving all cars the best possible chance of passing the MOT test, that's why during the test: 
6-Month MOT extension information: 
If your MOT was due on or since the 30th March you will be granted a 6 month MOT extension 
i.e. A 5th of April MOT Will now be due 5th October 
Whilst this is useful in the short term there are some things to take in to consideration: 
Based on last years figures we would normally expect around 160 MOT's in October - This year with the 6 month extension we are expecting 280 and this could be up to 340. 
With this in mind it would be prudent for customers to book in before their 6 month extension expires to avoid the bottle neck as we will have repairs on these extra MOT's on top of our normal work load. 
Also customers are reminded that whilst they are granted a 6 month extension - it does NOT mean their car does not require any attention - You are still required by law to keep your car in roadworthy condition, both for legal and insurance purposes. 
We are open - as per the official Exceptions list from government:it it. 
We will replace any bulbs free of charge [we do reserve the right to charge for the material cost of the bulb]. 
We will swap over one worn tyre with the spare free of charge [as long as it is road legal]. 
We will reset headlight alignment free of charge if required. We will spend time on the emissions if necessary. 
We also offer a FREE retest - even if you take your car to another garage to have any repairs carried out 
We guarantee not to use the MOT test as an opportunity to create repair work.  
We will only fail your vehicle on the grounds of safety or if it falls outside of the parameter guidelines set out by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). 
In these hard times of recession everyone is looking for a cut price deal but PLEASE beware looking for a cheaper MOT! 
With MOT computerisation every DVSA garage has to utilise the MOT ramp for the same length of time so always ask yourself the question - why would a garage lower the cost for doing the same amount of work? I cannot provide a comprehensive answer, however what I can say is that we pride ourselves on providing a service to our customers and will do everything within our power to ensure your car passes its MOT first time. 
An MOT test can now be carried out up to a month before your current MOT expires, you may also want to get your car serviced at the same time. 
If you wish to wait while your MOT test is been carried out, just let us know when booking the car and we will arrange a specific time for you. 
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